Here are the Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are the real estate leads exclusive? Yes. The organic leads from buyers and sellers will go direct to you, because the homeowner is enabling and listening to your Realtor Flash Briefing. Any lead you receive is exclusive by nature, especially since My Home Agent and Amazon are not involved in the connection between you and the homeowner.
  2. How much is the service? $49 per month. As we continue to scale, we’ll strive to lower the monthly cost. When we originally launched in 2018, we were over $149 per month, but have been able to reduce the cost to $49 per month and remove the setup fee.
  3. What is your affiliation with Amazon and Amazon Alexa? None. We’re a third-party developer on the Amazon Alexa platform.
  4. Can you explain any rankings? By default, once you signup with our service, you’ll be we listed on Amazon.com. Amazon is the 4th largest website in the United States, higher than Zillow, Redfin and Realtor.com, which means your name, and your association with your market area will get a huge boost for being on Amazon.com. Google will rank you much higher than your other websites, associations and your competitors by using our service.
  5. Do I need to use social media with this service? No. In fact, most of our team and our users have decided that spending time, energy and money on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages and Instagram Ads has been a complete waste. You do not need those services to maximize your use of our service.
  6. Do I need to have an Amazon Alexa device? No. We make our service very easy to use. You simply record an audio file (usually around 30 seconds), and post it every Monday to our website. The deadline to submit for the week is Monday, 5:00pm PST. You can submit through your Membership Account Login, or using the Quick Audio Upload.
  7. How do I access my account? For simplicity, you don’t have to access an account with us. You do have a billing account, but our front-end services are simple to use, allowing you to fill out our forms to create your profile, make updates to your profile and to post audio to our system. No login names or passwords are needed this way.
  8. How many agents in my city use the service? We don’t know, and truthfully, it doesn’t matter because Amazon is ranking Realtors by the number of audio files and followers that each agent has. The focus is on the frequency of your posts and the quality (both the actual audio quality and the quality of the content). Based on these, Amazon is responding to homeowner requests for real estate information, and offering agents to connect with homeowners.
  9. Is this related to the Amazon Turnkey program with Realogy? No. That is a separate system, which has really nothing to do with Realtor Flash Briefings or Amazon Alexa in general. Learn how to become a Amazon Turnkey agent.
  10. What are the metrics around using this service? It’s still too new… The technology is new in the grand scheme of things. And because Amazon and Google are aggressively competing for the future of voice, they’re not giving us very many details. What we do know is that nearly 50% of Americans have a smart speaker, and of that Amazon Alexa has about 70% marketshare, Google Home has about 25% marketshare, and Apple Siri / HomePod has about 5% marketshare.
  11. Who creates my audio / advertisement on Amazon Alexa? You do. You record audio files called Realtor Flash Briefings, and you submit them to our system. You can submit through your Membership Account Login, or using the Quick Audio Upload. We do the rest, making sure your audio file (which should be about 30 seconds and submitted weekly) is sent to all Amazon Alexa devices.
  12. How do I cancel my account? While we hate to lose members, we understand that the service is not the best match for every Realtor. So because there are no contracts with our service (our service is month-to-month), you can fill out our Cancellation Form at any time and your service will be immediately canceled.